Longwood Preparatory Academy 

Principal  Asya Johnson

Mission Statement: The mission of LPA School is to develop a community of visionary learners through a growth mindset who are committed to changing the world.  At LPA scholars are driven by the collaborative work of their peers.  Teachers serve as facilitators in the learning process while scholars lead inquiry-based discussions about the content.  It is our core belief that when scholars and teachers both possess a growth mindset they will demonstrate determination, persistence and explore new ideas and/or strategies. Our scholars are not the only visionaries in the school.  Teachers and administrators effectively collaborate to build college-level curriculum, strong relationships with their colleagues and scholars as well as structure learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. 

"Learning is Done Best Through a Growth Mindset"

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Longwood Preparatory Academy

965 Longwood Ave, Bronx, New York, New York 10455, United States

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